New England Maxim Ropes – Poor Quality & Dangerous

New England Ropes just left a comment on a post about their rope recall because I was “misleading the general public”.  A few weeks ago they announced that they had produced some faulty ropes that needed to be recalled because “The climbing lines can break, posing a serious fall hazard for climbers”.  Judging from the comment “Dan” left, the recall was due to a “fiber issue”.

Apparently I was “misleading the public” because I associated my near fatal experience with my New England Maxim 10.2mm rope with the recall of the Maxim Apoge 9.1mm and the 9.5mm Pinnacle.

I have never said that the Maxim 10.2mm rope I was using that fateful day was being recalled.  What I have said in the past and what I am saying now is that New England Ropes (the company) obviously has a quality control problem judging from the recall and in my opinion the New England Maxim 10.2mm is a poorly constructed rope.

The reasons I know that this is a poorly constructed rope:

1) When I took it out of the protective plastic wrap I had to flake the rope 30 or 40 times before it would stop twisting itself into loops.

2) The workability of the rope was almost laughable even after repeated uses.

3) It took a coreshot on terrain that should have just fuzzied the sheath.

4) Terrible customer service and I mean terrible.

After my bad experience with my New England rope I tried to contact them three times and didn’t get any form of reply. No email, no phone call, no nothing.  Now they want to make nice because I am telling people I will never climb with New England ropes again.  Really guys… come on… how pathetic is that.

When I rope up I need to know that my rope is solid.  Your rope is your lifeline and it is just crazy to even have a shadow of doubt about what keeps you alive when the shit hits the fan.

After my bad experience with the Maxim 10.2mm I switched to Mammut’s Genesis 8.5mm doubles and have been thrilled with them.  Granted, they are more expensive but they are worth every penny.

2 thoughts on “New England Maxim Ropes – Poor Quality & Dangerous

  1. Jim

    I read your note under the recall and then under the blog article. I get what you’re saying but disagree with your opinion (it’s a free world so here’s mine). I think saying something like there’s poor quality because you had one bad experience (albeit a nasty one) and they are recalling a set of two brands of ropes is pretty ballsy but also kind of stupid. I’ve heard a theme about twists but otherwise, they’re supposed to be pretty good. People aren’t complaining of core shots everywhere. So lose the “I’m being singled out” for speaking my mind, bro. I think you’re lucky they didn’t try to sue you. Again, it’s a free country but I’m telling you that that’s what I took from adding both your articles together with the recall notice. I don’t use those ropes but I don’t care for uninformed statements.

    -a local climber

  2. Mark

    I have to agree with Jim. There is a fine line between expressing your opinion and disparaging someone’s product. And if you chose to put yourself out there, there are consequences for making a mistake. As Jim said, you were lucky they did not sue you. I am not an attorney but I deal with the defense of these types of claims regularly. The title itself would you get you in trouble because it states or strongly implies that all their ropes are poor quality and unsafe. That is misleading based on the facts you presented. If they had proof your comments affected their sales negatively, you would have been in trouble.
    Please take this feedback only as friendly advice from a fellow climber that does not want to see you get distracted from your passion.

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