5.12c Offwidth in Red River Gorge – Hidden Dragon

If you have ever wanted to see what 5.12c offwidth climbing was then here is a great video of a Kris “odub” Hampton playing on Hidden Dragon in Red River Gorge.  The line starts with an offwidth roof that you have to pull some sick moves to get up over.  I have no idea why anybody would want to climb offwidth but odub does it hear with some semblance of style and grace.

One thought on “5.12c Offwidth in Red River Gorge – Hidden Dragon

  1. Ben

    Wow… This is Ontheshareend. I think that he can out climb the dog. I not sure I even want to climb like this. If you get any crazy ideas we are going to need bigger cams. Thanks for entertaining me.

    What was my writing assignment?

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