Ice Climbing Christmas Gifts

This is a follow up to my Rock Climbing Christmas Gifts list.  Even though I am a full grown adult I still love window shopping at REI and making a Christmas wish list.  So here are my top 7 ice climbing Christmas gifts.

  1. Black Diamond Crampon Bag – Crampons are sharp and I once had one rip my puffy jacket.  I was so incredibly pissed that I immediately went out and bought this bag, ‘nuf said.  If your special someone has an Osprey pack then this Osprey specific one is much better. (link
  2. Jetboil – Can someone say hot cocoa while taking a break from ice climbing?  This is the perfect ice climbing gift to make him all warm on the inside. (Hardy har har, I made a funny)
  3. BD Express Ice Screws – I like the 16mm ones but that is just me.  Some say diamonds are forever… I say Black Diamond’s ice screws are forever and he’ll thank you when he’s at the top of a super long pitch and has that one extra peice of gear.
  4. Petzl Charlet Caritool – These things are awesome.  They make carrying ice screws a helluva lot easier and in my opinion anything that makes ice climbing easier is a good gift.
  5. Arc’Teryx R320 Harness – I mentioned this on my rock climbing gift list and I mention it here because it is just that good.
  6. Smartwool Mountaineer Socks – As a kid my parents would joke about getting me socks as a Christmas present.  Now I would love to get these socks as a stocking stuffer. (Hardy har har, I made another funny)  Also silk liners are great.
  7. OR Crocodile Gaiters – Gaiters get torn up pretty easily.  Mine are literally held together by duct tape and superglue.  Be a pal and give him a new set of gaiters.

I’m a climber and I know I would love any of these Christmas gifts.  If you have any other great ideas for ice climbing gifts feel free to drop a comment ’cause I’d love to hear them.

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