How to Wash Down and Other Stuff Learned at Feather Friends

I stopped by Feathered Friends the other day to check out the store and whatnot and wound up bullshitting with one of the guys that works there for something like an hour and a half.  Being new to Seattle I wanted to get beta on the local crags and what are the classics that I have to climb.  The guy was crazy knowledgeable and I got all sorts of good info but that is not why I’m writing this post.

As we rambled on how to wash down sleeping bags came up.  Traditional wisdom was to use something like Woolite but it turns out Woolite strips the down of its natural oils and causes it to loose loft.  He recommended either just plain water or to use a down specific soap like Nikwax down soap and using a front loading washer.  The soap isn’t cheap but then again niether was your down sleeping bag.

I also found out that I have been pronouncing Cilogear wrong.  Apparently it is pronounced something like chjelogear or chi-lo-gear and not Silo-gear.  In North Carolina it didn’t matter because I think I was one of two people who owned a Worksack in the state but out here they are pretty popular.  I love my Worksack and if you’re in the market for a new pack you should definitely check them out.  Cilogear.

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