Index Town Wall Beta

I recently found the treasure trove of beta called Clint Cummins.  This guy has been absolutely everywhere and has documented everything.  He compiled a guidebook to Index in 1993 and is freely distributing it on his website. That kind of generosity is truly amazing.

On his website the topo’s are scanned page by page and he has posted quite a few of them.  I wanted to print them out and instead of doing it one by one I combined them into a few PDFs.  While my 30 minutes of work pales in comparison to the work Clint did I’m sharing them with you for your printing ease.

Seriously though, check out Clint’s site.  The amount of info there is staggering. (site)

Index Town Wall Area – Upper Wall Topo

Index Town Wall Area – Lower Wall Topo

Index Town Wall Area – Lower Lump + Inner Wall

Index Town Wall Area – The Country + trail to Upper Wall

*Disclaimer – I haven’t been to Index yet and can’t vouch if these are still accurate. I’ll update this post after I get out there.