Opening New Routes in Peru

artesonraju3After the written word the internet may be the greatest communication tool ever invented. It has made it possible to drop a line to a complete stranger halfway across the world as easy as if you were asking your buddy to pass you a beer.

I just got an email from Sophie Denis, a French climber, telling me about the new routes her and her partner Beto Pinto were putting up in Peru. In a recent seven day trip Sophie and Beto put up three new routes in the Central Range of Peru. They put up the North Face of Suiricocha (5,495m), West Face of Manon Dos (5,500m), and the West Face of Vicunita (5,538m).  That’s a pretty good week in my opinion.

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired, check out her blog and get a shot of motivation.

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