Quick review of the e*thirteen TRS+ dropper post that came with my YT Jeffsy 27

There is not much info out there about the e*thirteen TRS+ dropper post. I just bought a YT Jeffsy 27 AL One that came with one and I thought I’d give it a quick review after about two weeks of riding.

Note: If I don’t sound stoked about the dropper post, that’s my bad, because it is pretty awesome and would unabashedly be a fan-boy of it. Up here in the PNW where things are wet and muddy I really appreciate something that “just works.”

FYI: I was really lusting over the dropper post that comes with the Jeffsy 27 CF One (https://goo.gl/XKyTdu) and originally bought the CF One over the AL One because of it. In retrospect I am really glad YT had some manufacturing delays because I am thrilled with the TRS+ on the AL One and with the extra $1,000 I was able to buy a set of Hope Wheel (https://goo.gl/BJGtmS), new Crank Brothers Mallet Enduro pedals (https://goo.gl/dh1rya), some Mavic Crossmax XL shoes (https://goo.gl/rFLSFL) which were 50% off when I bought them, and Bell’s new Super 3R helmet (https://goo.gl/5PV23L).

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