Initial Review of YT Jeffsy 27 (AL One)

To sum up my initial thoughts on the YT Jeffsy 27: Just buy the bike; it is amazing.

Stuff I talked about in the review:
YT Jeffsy 27 AL One:
Hope Pro 4 Enduro (Front):
Hope Pro 4 Enduro (Rear):
Specialized Butcher:
Specialized Slaughter:

Sorry Blackrock Mountain Bike Association for misattributing the trail building to Team Dirt. You guys do great work.

FYI: I was really lusting over the dropper post that comes with the Jeffsy 27 CF One ( and originally bought the CF One over the AL One because of it. In retrospect I am really glad YT had some manufacturing delays because I am thrilled with the TRS+ on the AL One and with the extra $1,000 I was able to buy a set of Hope Wheel (, new Crank Brothers Mallet Enduro pedals (, some Mavic Crossmax XL shoes ( which were 50% off when I bought them, and Bell’s new Super 3R helmet (