Hope Tech Pro 4 Hub Sound

This is a bit of a ridiculous video to make but when I was considering buying a Hope Tech Pro 4 Hub (https://goo.gl/BJGtmS) I really wanted to have an accurate idea of what they sounded like. It bugged me that the existing recordings were done based on a camera’s built-in mic because that automatically transforms the audio and picks up a lot of room noise. This recording is made using an Audio Technica ATR2100 (http://amzn.to/2tasslH) supported in a mic stand about 12 inches from the hub.

For comparison purposes I recorded both the Pro 4 hub and a Bontrager Duster Elite hub with the exact same setup, back-to-back. Each wheel was attached to my YT Jeffsy 27, though the wheel with the Pro 4 hub has a Specialized Slaughter on it while the wheel with the Duster Elite has a Bontrager XR4 on it. This is about as fair of a comparison as I could make.