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Vedauwoo Climbing – I’m Down for Anything Once

I am down for anything once.  Life is too short to pass up on experiences just because they are scary, unknown or taboo.  This attitude has gotten me in a lot of trouble in the past but it has also exposed me to the “fringe” and that is where the action is at.

I mention this because I have been reading a lot about Vedauwoo lately.  Alpinist issue 20 turned me on to the area but the blog hooked me and put Vedauwoo on my hit list.  What sealed the deal was this little quote from Kate –

“Five short hours in Vedauwoo, and we were sliced open by razor-sharp rock, beaten up by overhanging crack climbs, drenched in icy water, hailed on, and fell down wet slabs. It was a good day – let the Vedauwoo season begin!” (link)

Vedauwoo sounds like an adventure but more importantly it sounds unique.  Sure there are many places that can chew you up and spit you out but an area known for its fierce offwidth climbing has to have something magical otherwise why would anybody climb there?  I mean how many people have a rack of #5 & #6 camalots?  Those things are monstrous!  I know some people are offwidth aficionados but I can’t imagine there are enough of those people to make an area renown.

As I make my way cross country next month as I move from the slabs of North Carolina to the volcanoes of Washington I might have to make a pit stop in Vedauwoo just to say I’ve been there.  Maybe I’ll find a partner, maybe not but either way I have a feeling I’ll experience the magic.

Photo Courtesy Ryan Ludwig