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Lawmakers Honor First Ascent of El Cap

I’ve got a front row seat to the economy blowing up and it is ugly.  The bailout bill that passed last week was supposed to help but the last two days have seen the worst declines in recent memory.  It really hurts.

Even though Congress is screwing the proverbial pooch, I do have to admire the fact that they took a moment and recognized what an achievement the first ascent of El Cap was.  You can read about it here (link)

Because these politicians decided to act like human beings I will grant them one day free of contempt for dropping the ball on the economy.

Patagonia – A Good Corporate Citizen

Normally I cringe at the cliche’d term “corporate citizen” because 99 times out of 99 it is some asshole marketing whiz that thinks recycling beer cans means going green.  But everyonce in a while a company doesn’t proclaim they are the great savior of all things important, they just do it.

I am a big fan of Patagonia’s clothing especially the capilene pants but I’m not a big fan of the prices.  The old adage “you get what you pay for” is very true here, to get quality you have to pay for it.

The reason I mention Patagonia is because they don’t say they are a good corporate citizen, they just are.  It may be old news but Patagonia has a website called The Footprint Chronicles.  I’m stealing their description because they put it best:

Our reason for being is to make the best product and cause no unnecessary harm.

Yet we’re keenly aware that everything we do as a business – or have done in our name – leaves its mark on the environment.  As yet, there is no such thing as a sustainable business but every day we take steps to lighten our footprint and do less harm.

The Footprint Chronicles allows you to track the impact of a specific Patagonia product from design through delivery.

And with that I recommend checking out the site, it is pretty damn cool The Footprint Chronicles.