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Initial Review of YT Jeffsy 27 (AL One)

To sum up my initial thoughts on the YT Jeffsy 27: Just buy the bike; it is amazing.

Stuff I talked about in the review:
YT Jeffsy 27 AL One:
Hope Pro 4 Enduro (Front):
Hope Pro 4 Enduro (Rear):
Specialized Butcher:
Specialized Slaughter:

Sorry Blackrock Mountain Bike Association for misattributing the trail building to Team Dirt. You guys do great work.

Change in Direction

It has been a while since I have actively posted. This is in part due to changes in life circumstances (i.e., young children) that make it really difficult to go on all day adventures. So while it is unfortunate that my climbing adventures have been put on hold, it has allowed me to spend more time mountain biking. Fortunately Western Oregon (in particular the Corvallis area) is great for mountain biking and as I fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of mountain biking, I look forward to sharing my experiences here.